Illinois Public Airport Association

The Illinois Public Airports Association (IPAA) promotes the development, construction, maintenance, and continued improvement of publicly-owned airports throughout the entire aviation system in the State of Illinois and the Nation. IPAA proudly serves as an exchange center for information about airports, aviation systems, and aeronautical activities throughout the State of Illinois including the Nation. Open and valuable communication occurs through meetings, regularly-published newsletters to members, advocacy, and guidance. The association is an effective bipartisan political force advocating for legislation and public policy beneficial to both aviation and the general public - while defeating any and all harmful measures. IPAA is one of the largest groups of its kind in the Nation and remains the most active organization representing all segments of public aviation in Illinois.

Qualitative Benefits

In addition to substantial annual economic benefits, Illinois’ airports support numerous qualitative benefits. Qualitative benefits are related to health, welfare, and safety and cannot be easily assigned dollar values. Airport-related qualitative benefits help to improve the overall quality of life in Illinois. Examples of qualitative benefits at Illinois’ airports include:

  • Facilitating emergency medical transport
  • Providing support to law enforcement
  • Supporting aerial surveying, photography, and inspection operations
  • Conducting search-and-rescue operations
  • Supporting the U.S. military and other government organizations
  • Providing youth outreach activities